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Getting Back to Your Roots: 4 Reasons to Grow  Food at Home (Especially If You're Vegetarian) Depositphotos 69644877 m 2015In this age of health consciousness and high prices, sometimes it’s surprising to realize that one of the best ways to save money and lose inches is simply turning away from the grocer’s freezer and trying your hand at gardening. One person spends anywhere from $90 to $120 on food in a month, that’s a significant expense in these hard times!


So, are you looking for ways to cut back? Wish you could eat more vegetables but can’t afford it? This article covers four simple reasons why growing your own food might just be the solution for you!


Cutting Expenses and Saving Wasted Space

Growing your own food might sound daunting at first, but it's really easy! Whether you live in an apartment or out in the country, growing fresh herbs and vegetables will be easy on your wallet and your personal space.


A 2-by- 3 area is more than enough room to grow enough veggies for one person– that’s the typical size of a fire escape! Roofs and balconies offer more options and variety to your garden. Even if you only grow one plant, like a tomato, it can typically save you at least $10-$15 a month in addition to being fresh and pesticide-free.

Your Healthy Living Guide To Buying Organic Food  Getting Back to Your Roots: 4 Reasons to Grow  Food at Home (Especially If You're Vegetarian) Depositphotos 26946955 m 2015


Being Grateful for What You Have

If you live anywhere in America, chances are that at one point or another you have bought some kind of tropical fruit, such as a mango or pineapple. Did you know that one fruit can travel up to 1,500 miles to reach you? Imagine all of the gas and time that it took to fly that far, not to mention the labor and handling involved in producing and processing each piece of food before it hits the shelves.


Environmentally Friendly

Most of us want to help the environment in some way but can’t find time with our busy lives. That’s where growing your own food can help! Plants create oxygen and get rid of harmful toxins in the air. By planting your own food, not only are you cleansing the air but you are also lowering the need for the use of fossil fuels and harmful emissions required to ship and package your food. It’s a win-win situation!

Organic Carrots. Carrot Growing Closeup  Getting Back to Your Roots: 4 Reasons to Grow  Food at Home (Especially If You're Vegetarian) Depositphotos 14134545 s 2015

Easily Doable

Surprisingly, starting your own garden isn’t very expensive. You don’t need top-of- the-line equipment. Dirt, a seed, and some form of container that holds water is all you need to get started. Most gardens can be started for as little as $10 and most of that can be from recyclable materials, such as a 2-liter soda bottle for a watering can or an egg carton to start germinating your seeds.


Home gardens are good for the environment, good for your health, and good for your wallet. When just one plant can make a difference, ask yourself: Can you afford not to think about growing your own food?


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