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You will see Nicaragua on the locator system for travelers, with its exquisite beauty and antiquated charm that still remains in immaculate condition. It is a lovely travel experience, which welcomes and consists of stimulating outdoor adventures and rich festivals. It is well-known for its beaches, entertainment, towns and never-ending adventures.


leon-cathedral  Ten Things You Must Have In Your Travel Itinerary to Nicaragua leon cathedral
1. Discover Colonial Leon

Leon is a small town, which is more generous and less visited than Granada. The atmosphere is both easy going and friendly, which makes it a pleasure to visit. The city square surely deserves a walk around, whilst the Recoleccion Cathedral is definitely worth exploring. You can also visit the baroque theatre, sidewalk cafes, Via Via, Bigfoot Hostel and street markets.




2. Cerro Negro: Volcano Boardingvolcano-boarding-cerro-negro  Ten Things You Must Have In Your Travel Itinerary to Nicaragua volcano boarding cerro negro

If you don’t get excited after hearing volcano boarding, then I’m not quite sure what exactly would excite you. After a long climb, you will gradually arrive to the top and get to board down the other side on a stand-up board. It’s an unusually, but dramatically fun activity, which you will not come across every day!




Cab-stand-on-central-square-Granada  Ten Things You Must Have In Your Travel Itinerary to Nicaragua Cab stand on central square Granada3. Travel Granada’s Design

Granada is the oldest city in Central America, despite its age; it is still in its original state. The city is both colorful and fascinating and filled with fascinating colonial-era possessions. Churches, museums, historic buildings and courtyards from the 17th century have been converted to boutique hotels.


4. Munch on a Fritanga or Nacatamal

Nica food is definitely worth exploring and the most popular dish from all is rice and beans. The Nacatamal is mainly filled with chicken, pork, veggies and many other fillings. It is wrapped in a banana leaf to be cooked. Another inexpensive and delicious meal is the Fritanga. You can easily choose the dishes you want, as everything is on display.


5. Shop the Nica Markets

The markets are definitely the center of attention here. Cities like Leon and Granada are famous for handicraft and food stalls. The Mercado Municipal food market in Granada is loved and is both colorful and lively. You can also find some crafts and jewelry here.


6. Climb a Volcano at Night

Nine of the 25 volcanoes in Nicaragua are active and two are near Granada and Masaya. If you arrive at night, then that is truly the best way to see the active Masaya. You will see steam and sulfur pouring out of the Masaya crater, and later you will see hundreds of live bats, as you make your way down the lava tubes.


Vista-Panoramica-Isla-de-Ometep  Ten Things You Must Have In Your Travel Itinerary to Nicaragua Vista Panoramica Isla de Ometep7. Go Rural on La Isla Ometepe

If you take a 90 minute bus ride and a 90 minute ferry from Granada, you will arrive at the countryside, which is situated in the center of Lake Nicaragua. The island consists of two volcanoes, which are known as Maderas and Concepcion.







Little-Corn-Island-Nicaragua  Ten Things You Must Have In Your Travel Itinerary to Nicaragua Little Corn Island Nicaragua8. Step in the Water on Little Corn Island

If you fly from Managua to Big Corn Island, you can easily board a boat to Little Corn. You can do so much here, including eat, drink, dive, swim and dig your toes in the sand; basically relax! You can learn to dive, and you never know it might just inspire you to become a full-time diver!






9. Relax and Surf in San Juan del Sursan-juan-del-sur-surfing  Ten Things You Must Have In Your Travel Itinerary to Nicaragua san juan del sur surfing

This place is not very far from the Costa Rican border. It is a cool little place and perfect for surfers! Both the area and nearby beaches are well-known for the top surfing conditions they provide. The place is very pleasant to surf, chill and basically spend some quiet time.







Granada-Poetry-Festival-Parade  Ten Things You Must Have In Your Travel Itinerary to Nicaragua Granada Poetry Festival Parade10. Celebrate at a Festival

Parties and festivals are what keep this place going! The March Carnivals, costume dancers, drumbeats and many celebrations all make up Nicaragua. A San Sebastian festival takes place in January, which combines theatrics, folklore and religious themes all in one.