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When it comes to food and Paris, then it’s not only snails and cheese and if that’s what you think; you’re really missing out on a lot! The street food on Paris is definitely worth exploring and is waiting to be tasted.


maison-de-gyros  Street Food in Paris? We've Got You Covered. maison de gyrosGyros of Saint Michel

The place is close to the Grand Notre Dame Cathedral and is a must for Greek eats. Here, you will find the best fast food around, which is surely worth the taste and price! An extra Pita Grecque is only 4.50 euros and stuffed with chicken, lettuce, tomato, with a cut from meat and topped to the top with French fries. To add to the taste you may also want to try garlic sauce, or a creamy yoghurt-based cucumber.





Falafel of the Maraisfalafel  Street Food in Paris? We've Got You Covered. falafel

The falafel variety is definitely worth a try and can easily be yours from one of the many restaurants along the street. The Hummus comes with a pre-spread on the inside, which consists of trademark bean patties and vegetables. You can also get spicy sauce!





viennoises  Street Food in Paris? We've Got You Covered. viennoisesCitywide French Pastries

Despite the expense of food, you will always find there are many affordable French feasts available. For a starter you may like to try the baguette, which makes the ideal filling meal. You will find these in many bread bakers and pastry shops, as well as many other low-cost foods such as special sandwiches, viennoises and macarons.


Viennoises and macarons are two typical French sweets. Macarons are small almond-based round cookies, with a delightful creamy center. They come in a variety or flavors and vary depending on where you go. Some of the common flavors include pistachio, chocolate, coffee and vanilla. A viennoise is sugary, soft bread and is best when filled with chocolate chips; these range from 1-2 euros.


You can find these beauties at one of the many boulangeries and patisseries around Paris. If you are after something that is bulky and delicious, then viennoise chocolat at the end of Maison Hardot, Avenue Carnot near the Arc de Triomphe is a must-try! The bread here is very fresh and is very famous amongst locals.


A nice day leads to a long line for hand-held viennoises, which are brimming for chocolate at only 1 euro. At Vavin Boulanger you will find they have a brilliant variety of sandwiches, all fewer than 4 euros. The friendly atmosphere of the place makes it very welcoming and the closeness to Luxembourg Gardens definitely makes it a luxurious place to be.


Street Crêpes of Montparnassechandeleur-creperies-paris  Street Food in Paris? We've Got You Covered. chandeleur creperies paris

Crêpes can be eaten at almost any time in Paris. They come in the variety of breakfast, dinner and are served in restaurants, as high-end and corner Crêpe stands. The best of Crêpes’ is a street Crêpe, especially at night. They start from under 2 euros and come in many flavors. You can get sweet and salty Crêpes, which rarely go over 6 euros. Street Crêpes are the best as they are served late and make a perfect snack after a late night out.


If you are after romantic foods or a relaxing exotic snack, Paris has you covered!