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If you are thinking of heading to a safari, then slow down a little and make sure you travel with the essential info. Before you get to the booking part, you need to know the answer to several questions, which will not only have you fully prepared, but also give you a little knowledge of what to expect.


When it comes to booking, then usually it is much cheaper to do this through a tour operator. The services they provide you will also benefit you and the exclusive knowledge specialists give you is coming from years of experience, which you should not miss out on. Booking this way also gets you in contact with many special offers, which you may be the first to know about.


If you are thinking how on earth you will be getting all this special treatment, then this is due to the fact that when you book from tour operators, they are given commission from the safari camps and lodges.


Listed below are the five possible questions you need to ask your safari operator, which will not only give you the best safari ever, but also allows you to travel stress-free with all the answers in mind.


safari  Be Safari-Ready With This Handy Safari Booking Guide safariIs The Location Of The Camp Or Lodge In A National Park Or Outside It?

Depending on the size of the national park, some camps and lodges can be located here. You will also find a wide range of activities here. Some are also located at national parks, but these can be restricted to certain activities and can be busy places.








Is This The Best Time To Travel?african-safari-sunset  Be Safari-Ready With This Handy Safari Booking Guide african safari sunset

Well, that really depends on you. During the low season, the rates tend to be as much as 50% lower than that of the high season. However, to be travelling during this time you would face afternoon downpours and thunderstorms. If you are going for something specific, like to catch specific migration, then it is better you ask the operator about the best time.




How Is The Food?EastAfricaSafaris14  Be Safari-Ready With This Handy Safari Booking Guide EastAfricaSafaris14

After paying the top-notch amount you would expect the food to be exceptional. However, when it comes to the food quality, then the standard of food is usually the accurate sign to the level of luxury you can expect. The food quality at a top-end safari camp will never be anything less to what you would get at a big city restaurant.


What’s included?

The lodges and camps tend to be in remote areas, so offer a comprehensive rate for obvious reasons. However, this can sometimes exclude some activities and/or drinks. So, it’s good to ask first, as you don’t want to turn up disappointed.


safari trip big  Be Safari-Ready With This Handy Safari Booking Guide safari trip bigIs There A Best Guide/Best Room?

When it comes to this question, a good tour operator will always have the correct information on the best rooms and guides at all properties. This vital information can either make or break your trip, as this depends on the fact whether you have the best or worst safari ever. So, you really need to trust your operator, as he/she will surely know best.


If they do recommend something unexpected then you need to take their word for it and get ready to have the best safari trip ever!