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Once up on a time hipster culture was seen as something unusual and was usually avoided; however, today so much has changed and so has the hipster culture. Gradually, the hipster culture has grown and now consists of many people from this culture located worldwide. It is not seen as ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’ anymore due to the increase of people who love the trend, culture, fashion and traditions of it.


The hipster has touched Williamsburg, Austin and the Portland international cities, and will no doubt endure to enter the far-flung corners of the earth. Hopefully, before the next trend takes place! Listed below are six different areas of the world that features the hipster culture as well as the features and fascinations of each.


shoreditch-graffiti-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8  Six Places Across The Globe Every Hipster Can Call Home shoreditch graffiti large transqVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8Shoreditch – London U.K.

When it comes to London town, then the East London neighborhood is by far a sorely hip! This is due to the high price of the tightest and trendiest jeans. You can find much of the clothing apparel at Brick Lane and Old Street. The area is surrounded with street art, which is basically graffiti. Just like at many other places, the fun usually begins here during the night and consists of random bars, warehouse parties and themed speakeasies.




Netherlands – Amsterdam-Noord in Amsterdamnetherlands  Six Places Across The Globe Every Hipster Can Call Home hotspot amsterdam noord cafe de ceuvel 1

A main give away to the city being hipster friendly is the amount of bikes. The neighborhood is both cool and hipster and consists of shipyards and former warehouses. These are now equipped as art studios, tricked-out offices and skate parks.





hipster_japan  Six Places Across The Globe Every Hipster Can Call Home hipster japanJapan – Shimokitazawa in Tokyo

Located in the west of Tokyo, you will find many cool indie and vintage-style shops. You will also come across live music venues and bars. The place is perfect for young culture vultures, but compared to the rest of Tokyo, it is pretty domestic.






Mexico – La Roma in Mexico City0_4200_0_2800_one_RomaNorte_Vera_010_ReT  Six Places Across The Globe Every Hipster Can Call Home 0 4200 0 2800 one RomaNorte Vera 010 ReT

This place is also known as Colonia Roma and neighbors La Condesa. Here, there are many vendors selling collectibles, antiques and books. La Roma is like other hipster locations and mixes a fresh high-end influx with grungy roots. Prostitutes and squatters also cover the area; however, these don’t scare hipsters. You can visit this area and explore some decent shops, as well as get a feel of the hipster culture!





Kreuzberg  Six Places Across The Globe Every Hipster Can Call Home KreuzbergGermany – Kreuzberg in Berlin

As we all know that Berlin is more modern and a hotchpotch of the hipster culture. It may also be the hipster-est city in entire Europe. The magical nightlife is made up of hipsters from every sub-genre and brews and DJs.









Australia – Fitzroy in Melbournehipster_australia  Six Places Across The Globe Every Hipster Can Call Home hipster australia

The main drag here is Brunswick Street. It is packed with vegan eats and cheap, funky and retro pubs. Everyone from broke students, hobo artists, hipsters and fashionistas are located here and somewhat make up the place. The creative neighborhood is known for the fascinating graffiti and street art, which you will always notice no matter how short your travel is. The neighborhood homes the Rose Street Artists Market, which is well-known for its handmade goods, home-wares, clothes and jewellery.