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One of the worst things ever is losing your passport whilst you are in a foreign country. The moment you arrive at the airport, come to the waiting line and check your bag for your passport, the last thing you would want is to find everything apart from the passport. Dread feelings rush through you and you search your pockets, then again your bag and finally your suitcase in extreme worry and rapidity… Still nothing.


This happens to many travelers every year, but the problem does get resolved, which in the end gives you a temporary passport; all it needs is a little time and money.


Police officers on duty  What to Do When Your Passport Goes Missing Depositphotos 18612887 s 2015Go to the Police

As soon as you realize your passport is missing, you need to immediately contact the police. There is bound to be someone at the station who is fluent in English, who will assist you if you do not know the language. You will be asked by the police whether your passport was lost or stolen. You need to be straightforward and mention the last time you saw it. Once they have taken your statement, they will give you a copy in the form of legal document, which states your passport is missing. You will require this information if you wish to lengthen your stay, so you can easily check into a hotel. This document also leads to a new passport.


Contact the Consulate or the EmbassyEmbassy of USA  What to Do When Your Passport Goes Missing Depositphotos 27431183 s 2015

Once you have visited the police station, you should go to your Consulate or Embassy. A smaller city will have consulates, whereas larger cities will have embassies, which tend to be located in the country’s capital. Make sure you are familiar with the time they are open, or you could call to check before you go. The process can be a little time-consuming, so in the mean time you can collect the things required for a new passport or you could keep exploring the city. You don’t need to punish yourself for something that wasn’t your fault, as you will get a replacement passport very soon.


Collection of an id cards with the cute persons  What to Do When Your Passport Goes Missing Depositphotos 10539212 s 2015


Collect Things You Will Need at the Embassy

In order to get your passport, you will need two recent ID picture. These are low-cost and can be ready in just a few minutes. If you are American, then you will also need to fill out a replacement form, which is available through the embassy. The form asks for personal info and passport information. If you can bring a copy of ID or you original passport, then also bring that along.

If you have none of these, then you should ask someone from home to send you a copy of some form of ID. Within a few hours, the temporary passport will be ready and you will need cash or a credit card to pay the fee. You can use the replacement for 90 days.



Rebook Your Flightonline flight booking  What to Do When Your Passport Goes Missing Depositphotos 87855978 s 2015

You need to tell the airline what happened regarding your passport and ask how much it will cost to replace the ticket. You can do this over the phone or face to face.


Closeup portrait of young positive woman holding passport and th  What to Do When Your Passport Goes Missing Depositphotos 23284782 s 2015







Hold On to Your Passport

You only get one replacement passport. If you were to lose your passport the second time, the process tends to be more complicated. Losing a passport can be a distressing experience, so do all you can to stop this from happening.