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There’s nothing like going into a brilliant old library. If you love books and you love to travel there are five beautiful places you should certainly plan on visiting. Let’s take a look at these wonderful locations.


Depositphotos_80350960_s-2015  Five Fantastic Libraries That Will Make You Go "WOW!" Depositphotos 80350960 s 20151. Australia – Melbourne

This town is home to the huge State Library which is comprised of 23 separate buildings. It was built starting in 1854 and it contains more than 2 million copies. Additionally, it has manuscripts, newspapers and maps, along with a ton of material in digital form. They not only have tours of the library, they also have 2 exhibitions of note, one of which is based on the historical information of books. You can even visit one of 3 galleries, watch a film or play chess.




Depositphotos_101464420_s-2015  Five Fantastic Libraries That Will Make You Go "WOW!" Depositphotos 101464420 s 20152. Denmark – Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark houses the magnificent Royal Library which is made up of 4 locations. Most Danish printed works are available here and this includes the initial published work from 1482. One of the favorite buildings in this library is the Black Diamond. It is comprised of excellent architecture including glass and ebony marble. It was established in 1999 and has a huge multi story atrium. You can peruse fabulous old writings and gaze out at the canal while doing so.




Depositphotos_12617654_s-2015  Five Fantastic Libraries That Will Make You Go "WOW!" Depositphotos 12617654 s 20153. Germany – Stuttgart

There is a certain allure of old books and beautiful, artistic building styles, and the City Library in this city combines them with ease. It has an enormous center that rises up to 4 stories, named the Heart. Over that, there is an atrium that measures at 5 stories and is shaped like a pyramid. The entire thing is modeled in white to provide an even more striking contrast to the many titles that this library houses.










4. Washington – SeattleSeattle Central Library  Five Fantastic Libraries That Will Make You Go "WOW!" Seattle Central Library

This American Cultural hub is the home of the Central Library which is 11 floors tall. The building was manufactured from steel and glass in a modern style in the year 2004. They have more than a million different types of literature and has the ability to expand and hold even more at any point.






5. Ireland – Dublin

Dublin is a beautiful place to visit in the first place and to add to the draw, they also have the Old Library. This is part of the Trinity College and also has the distinction of being the home of the Book of Kells. The building was built in the eighteenth century and has an enormous collection, with around 200,0oo volumes available. This is certainly listed as one of the most gorgeous buildings in the entire country and is well worth your time.


As you can see, there is a wealth of places all over the world where you can not only get your fill of beautiful old tomes, but also experience wonderful examples of architecture. In several cases that we explored, you can also get a fantastic view or even a spectacular history lesson. If you enjoy seeing the sights and love old volumes, then make sure that you add these libraries to your list!


trinity-college-long-room-library-dublin-12  Five Fantastic Libraries That Will Make You Go "WOW!" trinity college long room library dublin 12