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Time to Pick Up Your Mind!

If your mind is not right, then hardly is anything in your life right either. The mind controls your body and governs how you function daily. So stop taking it for granted and bring it flowers once in a while! No different from a car actually; give it an oil change, fuel it, do maintenance on it once in a while and it shall remain true. In other words, be good to it and it shall be great to you!


Exercise, Exercise…Oh, Did I Say EXERCISE??

Nothing clears the mind and boosts clarity of the mind than a good sweaty cardio workout. You may be sweating like you just came from digging a whole acre farm, but hey, it works wonders for both your body and mind. A total of 15 to 30 minutes of your time everyday won’t hurt……much! But it will have great benefits for your brain.


If you want a great workout that will help you get rid of all those toxins in your mind and body, then look no further. You shall be so glad you looked at it. Watch the video here:


Take Short Naps

Napping gets your blood pumping in your head and gets you amazingly energized. Short naps in the middle of the day trigger the good mood properties in your brain and you feel like you can be conqueror the world when you are that HIGH on good vibes!..Get your mind out of the hemp! This is not a cannabis article!


While you are at it, make sure that you also get some time out of your busy schedule to do some meditation. It improves mental focus and helps you not forget your keys are in your hands the whole time you were looking for them for a good 20 minutes!


If you want to know how meditation can re-shape your brain for the better, then watch the video here:


Make A Habit of Taking A Multi-Vitamin Everyday

Vitamins are also essential for the mind to function. Vitamins are the equivalent of soulful music to the soul; so good for the brain. You know how sometimes you feel sad and you don’t know why?


Well, you shall be singing the “sound of music” soundtrack and you won’t know why either! But technically, I told you, so you will know why! You want to know more about it? Watch the video here:


Get Reacquainted With Your Handwriting

You know that thing called handwriting that was used to communicate on paper? Yeah, that one that you actually had to make an effort to put on paper, unique to each individual? Well, you have to go looking for it where you last saw it! Abandon your computer and start writing again. Did you know? Hand writing can:-

 Improve Memory

 Increase intelligence

 Keep you motivated

 Help enrich your creativity in anything


See? That wasn’t so bad! You can improve quality of life by improving quality of your brain.


Did you find this helpful? We have more articles on mental health and having a healthy mind in our Pure Meditation Magazine.

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Newly wed New York Ads Agency Executive who nearly had a nervous breakdown at 25 so she made a drastic lifestyle change and gave special attention to her mental health and is now an advocate of leading and keeping a balanced lifestyle.